Primary Schools & Nurseries

Primary Schools


Weekly after school and lunchtime clubs and workshops age 4-11

Why not offer Drama Charmers in your school. We provide after school clubs, lunch time clubs and workshops.  After school clubs  are convenient and affordable for parents and children will love the creative outlet Drama Charmers will bring. Classes are tailored to specific age groups including some fun games to help let off steam as well as develop skills through imaginative play.  These classes comprise of creating and developing stories and re-enacting them, movement, role play and character building,  improvisation and mime, voice exercises, tongue twisters, action poems and songs.

  • Option 1-  1 hour after school club.
  • Option 2 - 40 minute lunchtime club.
  • Option 3 - Stage School (KS1) 30 minutes of dance, 30 minutes of singing and 30 minutes of drama.

Clubs are funded by the parents although can be subsidised by the school if the school wants to contribute. 

Nurseries & Childminders


 Weekly sessions and end of term parties age 2-4

Drama in nurseries and other early years setting is hugely popular. It's such a invaluable addition to the learning already in place. Drama Charmers will help develop speech and language, social skills, confidence and focus through imaginative play. These sessions comprise of interactive story telling, action songs, poems as well as original games.  Themes for this age group include The Farm, The Jungle,The Circus, Outer-space, 4 Seasons, Around The World, Under The Sea, Fairies and Dragons and many more.

Our Mission


 Our mission is to inspire children, promoting creativity to develop transferable skills for life through imaginative play . Contact us today to discuss having a club or session in your 

 school or nursery. 


"Having a weekly lunchtime at school drama club with Louise really helped Lara to settle into reception class" 

"Drama Club is the highlight of Bea's week"

 "Dylan really loves Drama Charmers and I've noticed it's really helped his performance in school assemblies" 

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